Marketing development via customer relations

Relationship marketing tools

Several relationship marketing tools are used to create and consolidate the relationship with customers. Two types of tools are available: classic tools such as customer benefits, loyalty cards, gifts and web tools such as the creation of collaborative networks, dedicated clubs... More on

Identification and communication

Know your customers, talk to them and listen to them.

Loyalty and creation of a strong relationship

Build customer loyalty and link them to your company or brand.

Webmarketing and customer relations


Content Marketing

Social networks

Advertising videos



Marketing and CRM tool

The use of a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) allows the implementation of a structured and orderly relationship marketing strategy.

A CRM contains the history of the actions carried out by the company with its customers and prospects.

The CRM software allows the continuous management of its customer database including quotes, emails... This software is accessible on several supports, on computers and smartphones and allows to centralize all the data in relation with the customers. More on

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CRM solutions and tools for companies

The objective of CRM tools is to improve customer relationship management by carrying out an optimized targeting thanks to the various tools offered by CRM software such as reporting and customer purchase management. Allowing the company to act accordingly by personalizing its offers through the implementation of tailor-made advertisements and e-mailing campaigns focused on customer satisfaction and thus increase their purchases. The use of a CRM software allows to optimize relational marketing in a very efficient way.

CRM software allows the company to centralise all its activities and data relating to customers and prospects. In general, CRM software is made up of modules, such as the sales module, which gathers all data relating to sales and customer relations. The Marketing and Analysis module, which makes it possible to study customer behaviour and to personalise advertising campaigns. Other modules are also available, such as the management/organization module and finally the services module.

Customer relationship

Improve targeting and customer behaviour.

Building Customer Loyalty

Implementing a customer loyalty strategy

Increase turnover

Customize products and services to increase sales

What our quests say:

CRM solutions also help to improve the company's marketing strategy by optimizing marketing actions and focusing them on the best areas, evaluating promotional activities to select and adopt the most effective ones, reducing company expenses and increasing profits through increased sales. The CRM solutions offered to companies make it possible to facilitate, simplify and improve customer marketing.

The use of a CRM within a company brings several advantages. Indeed the CRM software allows to create a competitive advantage by adopting customer actions, improve customer management, improve customer follow-up which allows to better know their needs and preferences, build customer loyalty by giving them an important status and specific actions and improve after-sales services.

Valuation of the company

Develop the company's turnover by increasing sales

Identify new markets

Using Targeting Data to Find New Markets

Facilitating access to information

The use of a CRM saves time thanks to the centralization of data.