Customer Loyalty

The importance of relationship marketing and customer loyalty

In the past, marketing was only used to sell a product or service. Today, we have a revolutionary new vision that consists of implementing a relationship marketing strategy. We must understand that the consumer requires recognition. Each company then strives…

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Clienteling and customer loyalty

Each salesperson has his or her own sales technique. It’s not like it used to be. Nowadays, the goal of a sales representative is to sell better before selling more. This is the summary of the art of modern salesmanship…

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How do you create an exceptional product experience?

The customer journey remains an important part of a marketing strategy. It is defined as the totality of the customer’s interactions with the company. The product experience generally occurs at the end of this journey, but there are some important…

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Loyalty gifts: how to get fuel cards while shopping?

With the economic crisis and the cost of living rising exponentially, purchasing power is reduced. And yet, certain charges are mandatory and cannot be ignored. Shopping represents at least 30% of the financial charges of a French household. In other…

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