Clienteling and customer loyalty

Each salesperson has his or her own sales technique. It's not like it used to be. Nowadays, the goal of a sales representative is to sell better before selling more. This is the summary of the art of modern salesmanship to convince the customer to buy. Clienteling is one of the best selling practices, it starts with the contact and the uncovered plan.

The new effective selling technique

This new marketing weapon, which is clienteling, is making quite a splash. It benefits customers in all its aspects since they are satisfied with their purchases and with the services offered by salespeople. The goal of the latter is therefore to establish a personalized relationship with the customer by offering him a top-of-the-line customer experience; a close and lasting relationship. This marketing strategy starts with knowing the customer's needs and buying behaviour. The most important thing here is to offer the customer a unique experience. Once they feel confident, loyalty is a natural progression. If the customer has had a pleasant and satisfying user experience, this is called a "successful sale".

Customer approach: how to be effective?

During the purchase, it is important that the customer feels secure and reassured. The interaction between him and the salesperson as a whole is a unique moment of exchange and understanding. The means of approach are not left to chance since they remain in the customer's memory. Either he speaks well of the service provided or the opposite is true. The latter is frustrating, because a simple slander can lead you to a colossal loss of sales. This user experience, which is the set of emotions felt by the customer at the time of purchase, therefore deserves special attention to make a successful sale.

The success of a transaction

The customer journey is a potential step that is at the heart of marketers' concerns. It is a serious issue that allows them to sell under the best conditions. Sales must be "giving" whatever their buying channels. Most large companies are now adopting multi-channel selling. We must also believe that today they have the means to optimize sales with the digital revolution. With client-ling, salespeople have information about the buying behavior of their target customers. Indeed, it allows them to at least trace their last purchase. Loyalty remains the last step, the most difficult with the existing competition between companies. Best practices are therefore a successful visual and emotional adaptation of both parties. The sales advisor remains the most important role, as he is the main lever for a successful purchase.

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