Loyalty gifts: how to get fuel cards while shopping?

With the economic crisis and the cost of living rising exponentially, purchasing power is reduced. And yet, certain charges are mandatory and cannot be ignored. Shopping represents at least 30% of the financial charges of a French household. In other words, it is an item that requires the use of substantial financial resources. In order to make life easier for consumers, commercial companies reward their loyal customers by refunding part of their shopping or by offering them petrol cards. The fuel purchase card allows the user to purchase gasoline free of charge. Thus, the customer will no longer have to spend money on this no less important charge.

The benefits of the fuel card

Ordering a petrol card will allow you to make real savings on fuel costs. The operating principle is simple: thanks to this card, you will benefit from price reductions according to your consumption volume in one year. The fuel card is particularly advantageous for companies with a fleet of vehicles for their activities. However, private individuals are not left out and are just as much concerned by the financial advantage provided by the fuel card. Secondly, you have the possibility to have petrol without paying directly. You will only have to pay for one portion per month or every two weeks. This reduces the cost of VAT for the purchase you have made. If you manage to earn Super U fuel cards for example, you will even be able to get reports on your smartphone via phone messages. In this way, you can keep track of your fuel consumption and predict how much you can save. In addition, you can set up your card and add limits such as the type of fuel you would like to use, the items that can be purchased with the card and where and when you need to use your card. In addition, you have an online account that allows you to track all card transactions, rates and invoices. You can also get everything by e-mail.

Fuel Card Services

The fuel card pro allows you to control your gas expenses. The majority of cards available on the market allow you to benefit from a discount on petrol and diesel prices. However, the interest of these cards is at another level. The services associated with the Fuel Card Pro are the main advantages of this interesting tool. The first service to consider before ordering your card is the online service. Indeed, it is important that you make sure that this service corresponds perfectly to your needs. This service should allow you to have a report of your consumption according to your habits. The online interface also allows you to make adjustments to your card by choosing the type of fuel allowed and the option of analysing your driving. This will allow you to make better use of your vehicle and make significant fuel savings. In addition, other services related to fuel cards can be very useful. For example, you can take advantage of the electronic toll service and the free parking service that will allow you to reduce the cost on your expense account and streamline your costs. In addition, certain services will allow you to take advantage of car washing, oil changes or even the free use of certain items such as lubricants. Most cards include an assistance feature or emergency number; however, it is possible to integrate more interesting automobile insurance products.

The multi-store card

The first companies to offer petrol purchase cards were oil companies, in order to build loyalty among their customers such as professionals in their distribution network and mass distribution companies. Today, there are multi-brand suppliers who provide users with cards that can be used in several service stations of different brands. Among the suppliers of these multi-brand cards are oil companies that have diversified their activities and have formed partnerships with other networks and companies specialising in business cost management. The multi-brand card combines the experience of the oil company with that of the user. This card offers users the benefit of greater geographical coverage with multiple points of sale. In addition, it allows users to take advantage of a wide range of services. Some providers offer more comprehensive services such as online tools and mobile applications that allow you to manage your fuel consumption on a daily basis. To find the best multi-store cards, you have to consider some very important criteria on the comfort of use and the level of the associated service.

How do you get cards to buy fuel while shopping?

All commercial companies have strategies in place to attract new customers and retain old ones. One of these strategies is the awarding of loyalty gifts. Fuel cards are issued to loyal customers to enable them to purchase fuel for free from the shopping experience. The principle is very simple: you simply have to do your shopping in a commercial company that offers this service to its customers. When you do your shopping and have to go to the cash desk, you simply pay for your purchases with Cadhoc cheques (you can find them in your shop). In this way, you will be able to accumulate loyalty points. After a while, these will help you to get new cheques free of charge or cards for fuel purchases. This loyalty programme will enable you to recover a good part or all of the costs of your shopping. You will therefore be able to continue shopping and obtain pro fuel cards to buy gas at reduced prices at partner stations.

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