The importance of relationship marketing and customer loyalty

In the past, marketing was only used to sell a product or service. Today, we have a revolutionary new vision that consists of implementing a relationship marketing strategy. We must understand that the consumer requires recognition. Each company then strives to provide a relationship that is both continuous and personalized. The idea is to understand the importance of relationship marketing and customer loyalty.

What is relationship marketing?

Faced with strong competition on the market, and especially with digitalization, we can no longer afford to have as an argument to sell for the sake of selling. Every company is now aware that it is crucial to remain active. Relationship marketing and the actions it undertakes are aimed at establishing lasting relationships with customers. This is as true for a brand as it is for a company. Angélique Gérard, Director of Subscriber Relations for the Iliad Group affirms the importance of customer relations. She explains, among other things, the goal of establishing a personalized relationship over the long term. Relationship marketing should not be confused with transactional marketing. The goal of the strategy is to build loyalty and optimize in addition to selling. Thus, multi-channel tools are used to maintain a permanent dialogue between the company and the customer. These tools require a better use to guarantee their effectiveness.

Relationship marketing: building long-term loyalty and winning more customers

To develop is the main objective of a company or brand. However, we still have to find the means to achieve it. In the first place, the focus would be on prospecting and winning new customers. It is important to take into consideration that customer relationship management is the door to success for a company. One maintains a long-lasting relationship with the customer who is already there and shows interest in the product or service. It is better to think about keeping a customer than looking for a new one. In return, you save precious time and, above all, you gain in image. With an existing customer, sales will increase. We are then talking about customer commitment which becomes the very ambassador of the brand. This one will largely participate in the motivation and the improvement of services and products. The customer relationship also helps to strengthen the market position in relation to competitors. To achieve this, you should not hesitate to pamper a loyal customer.

Loyalty by creating a lasting bond

It doesn't take a lot of analysis to realize that a customer likes to have their preferences and identity recognized. Although he is called a consumer, he is first and foremost a person. A brand or a company must therefore create a human relationship. It is important to value the customer by giving personalized offers, advice and getting to know them a little better. The customer relationship is then based on monitoring and analysis, personalization and loyalty. But to create a practical and quality relationship marketing, different steps will have to be taken. It is a hard work that requires the intervention of an expert in the field. A good number of companies are now focusing on three essential points: human relations, personalized communication and long-term growth. Of course, all of this will be accompanied by specific tools. With quality customer relationship management, the future of a company will be assured. As for a brand, it will remain a winner.

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