Relationship marketing: why use a digital agency?

Digital marketing is a variation of marketing which consists of establishing a relationship of trust with the customer in order to build loyalty via digital channels. For it to be successful, the seller must personalize the relationship and take into account the buyer's needs in order to serve him/her as well as possible and to make him/her passionate about the product or service in the long term, if not forever. Years ago, this relationship was clearly favoured by the proximity to the customer. They cherished the time spent talking with the salesperson. Those were the days when prospects still wandered around the store shelves looking for their happiness. So it was easy to convince them. But with the advent of digital, all that has changed. People don't travel anymore and prefer to shop online. They are closer to their phones than to the people around them. So the best way to get their attention is to use digital channels. Brands therefore have an interest in moving their relationship marketing method from physical to digital. And for this, what better than an agency dedicated to digital?

Digital relationship marketing

It consists of using certain marketing tools to access the customer's personal data in order to provide the best possible shopping experience. It allows us to anticipate the customer's needs thanks to reliable algorithms and to stop worrying about analysing his behaviour. It is also a way to get real-time feedback through comments and extend the interaction 24 hours a day. And these are just the main roles. To make the best use of this tool, which is a mine of possibilities but can also prove to be a poison if misused, it is crucial to use a digital agency.

What is a digital agency?

It is a company that offers services in the digital world: design of digital content such as websites, computer graphics, creation of applications for mobile phones, SEO services or web advertising, or also services related to social networks. It masters the various digital tools and uses them to make all companies active participants in the digital world.

The advantage of having recourse to such an agency

Managing the transition from physical to digital relationship marketing is no easy task. You have to have certain skills and above all be able to use fewer resources to get more results. Doing this task yourself without a strategic roadmap could lead to a waste of time and resources. Digital is a very powerful tool, but if badly managed, it can become a real handicap and even cause huge losses. It is therefore more judicious to trust professionals who have an obligation of results.

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